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When marketing to those who are passing by your business, the most obvious form of advertising would be a pattern interrupt.  Many people use basic signs outside of their business and though they certainly work, unfortunately people are so used to seeing them that they are much less effective than they used to be.

A great new device being used today is a sign waving machine.  Sign Waving Machines are pretty self explanatory but come in a wide array of variations.  The most effective variation is the sign waving mannequin.  They are used to promote businesses in ways most businesses never thought of.

Many people know about the local “sign spinner.”  He’s the guy standing out there holding a sign and shaking or spinning it to attract attention to a local business.  The problem is that the people who agree to these types of jobs are typically unreliable.  Not to mention that even if they are reliable, they cost a LOT! They also need breaks, insurance, taxes and more which end up costing the business owner even more!

Enter the Sign Waving Mannequin which takes care of all of those concerns and then some.  They work because the advertisement is placed at eye level for people driving by and they typically look like a good looking girl.  The best sign waving mannequin on the market today is clearly made by Sign Dolls.  They have the best selection of options as well as the best price for the quality you are receiving.

To see more of their options, click here.

Again, the reason these sign waving machines are so effective is that they create the best type of pattern interrupt available.  They are good looking girls holding a sign that is spinning at just the right velocity for your business.  What a great idea!  Not to mention, they provide you with the best option in terms of pricing.  No more having to pay hourly for an employee along with all the fees that come along with that.  No more extra pay for overtime and insurance, taxes, etc.   This seems to be a new form of set it and forget it advertising that truly works!

If you ever come across one in the near future take note of how it pulled your attention in.  If it worked on you, wouldnt you think it would work on your customers?  Of course it would.  The sign waving machine is truly a no brainer when it comes to local advertising at its best.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these devices, please feel free to let use our contact form at any time.  We’re here to help your business thrive so we can help you choose the perfect signage for your business.  Not to mention, if buying a sign doll, we can actually help you compare and contrast it to the other options including the Velocity sign model that was on the Shark Tank TV show.

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