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The Future of Spinners by Sign Dolls

Sign Twirler vs. Mannequin Sign Spinners

Business owners today are searching for unique ways to advertise their businesses in order to boost sales. Many are using sign twirlers to bring in the extra sales. However, there is an alternative to human sign twirlers that offers a better choice for several reasons in addition to saving you a great deal of money as well. Consider using a mannequin or robotic sign spinner (also called sign doll) instead.

Mannequin Sign Spinners vs. Human Sign Twirlers

Although these two types of advertising may seem relatively similar when you first think about it, there are many enormous differences between hiring a human to do your advertising or using a robot to serve the same purpose. They both hold up (or spin) a sign, but that’s where the similarities end.

What are the Advantages of using a mannequin sign spinner?

First of all, a mechanical sign spinner is a onetime expense rather than paying a hired employee a weekly paycheck indefinitely. In terms of saving money, using a mannequin to market your business is extremely cost effective regarding your bottom line. Let’s look at some other reasons why a robot sign spinner is clearly the better option.

– Robots do not take breaks, text/talk on the phone, or demonstrate inappropriate behavior
– Robots are resilient to bad weather conditions and therefore never get sick
– Robots never complain about the long hours or show frustration on the job
– Robots do not get physically tired or lose interest in their job
– A robotic sign spinner can be placed anywhere you desire to attract the most customers
– Robot spinners are extremely mobile

Customize the Sign Your Sign Dolls

Your mannequin sign spinner will inform all your potential customers of anything you wish since you can completely customize the sign it waves. Let everyone know if you are having a sale, a unique store event, low prices, or simply point them in the direction of the location of your store.

Every savvy business owner knows the importance of getting your business exposed. If your store location is in a hard-to-find spot, simply move your robot in an ideal position to draw as many shoppers as possible.

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