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Sign Spinner vs Sign Waving Mannequin

Are you thinking of hiring a sign spinner to promote your business but hesitate due to the high expense of employing one? Actually, there is another much more cost effective alternative to hiring a human sign spinner – consider a sign waving mannequin.

Sign Waving Mannequins Save You Money

Sign Waving Mannequins (or Sign Dolls) essentially offer the same advertising goals for your business as a human sign spinner can. In fact, they are supremely better compared to a human twirler for several reasons. First and foremost, the cost of implementing a mannequin vs. a human to work for you is enormously economical and will literally save you thousands. Let’s examine the other many reasons why you should use a sign waving mannequin instead of a human sign spinner to promote your goods and/or services.

Reasons Why Sign Spinning Mannequins are the Best Choice to Advertise Your Business

– They are never late for work
– You can place them in any location you desire to achieve maximum exposure
– Weather is not a factor in their job performance since it does not affect them
– They are immune to illness and never get sick
– They never need a break
– They will not stand around and text or talk on their cell phone
– They do not complain or get frustrated with their job duties
– You will never have to worry about their job conduct and if they are being appropriate
– They cost a fraction of what you would spend to otherwise hire a full time human employee

A sign spinning mannequin or robot spinner can easily be placed virtually anywhere and works hard to promote your business all day long. The 5-inch wheels on the heavy-duty solid steel base enable ease of mobility to access ideal locations for the robot to operate. The goal is to get your store noticed. Therefore, if your business is located in a hard-to-find spot, simply move the robot sign spinner where needed in order to draw the most attention and attract potential customers into your store.

You can completely customize the sign your robot waves and may wish to inform people of a sale, a special event coming up, or simply point them in the direction of your store. It’s totally up to you.

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