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Five Ways to Utilize Sign Dolls



Sign Dolls are mannequins that hold spinning signs to attract attention and foot traffic to your business. They are one of the best ways to draw attention to your business and they can be a really fun way to get customers talking about your quirky and hilarious advertising style. Here are five fun ways to use them for your business:

1. Change Their Outfit Often
You can dress them in fun outfits. You can change them with the seasons, add hats and accessories. A new outfit every day would keep people interested, taking lots of photos and checking back to see what they’re going to wear next.
2. Name Your Sign Doll
Have a competition where you allow customers to suggest or vote on names! This will keep them coming back to see if their name was the winner. Of course, offering a prize for the best name will draw in more votes. After the name has been chosen, get the sign waving mannequins name tags to show off their new monikers.
3. Encourage Photo Takers
Sign dolls are so unique that many people have never even seen one. Take advantage of this fact by encouraging photo takers! You can have a sign near the doll that says “Go Ahead – Snap A Pic, We Don’t Mind!” If a crowd gathers around the sign dolls, then go out there yourself and take some pictures – let the customers know you’ll post them on social media.
4. Social Media
Expand on the photo idea we mentioned above by creating a Facebook and Twitter account for your sign dolls where people can go and add the photos they took, post comments to them and share their fun experiences seeing them on the street. This is also a great way to communicate with your customers, letting them know the sales and events you have coming up.
5. Play A Trick
This is a great idea for a special event. You can use the sign dolls in the weeks leading up to the special event and then the day before, hire someone or let your employees take turns pretending to be a mannequin next to the actual mannequin and see how confused your customers get! They will think it’s so funny, they’ll tell everyone and soon you and your sign waving mannequins will be the talk of the town.

Innovative Ways To Grow Your Business With A Sign Doll Sign Waving Mannequin

Trying to have your business stand out in your city can be a very difficult proposition. The marketing environment is so competitive and it is hard to gain ground on your competition. Wouldn’t you like to know about one of the most effective and innovative to advertise your small business? Sign dolls are the wave of the future in marketing and they are taking off right now. Who needs a sign spinner, when a sign doll is more personable and makes a better impression?

Cost Effective

Many marketing ploys can cost your business big bucks. However, the best and most effective marketing ideas are cost effective and can be done on a fixed budget. An advertising mannequin allows you to keep your advertising costs at a minimum, but it also helps you to promote your business in a unique and eye catching way. Some advertising signs can be quite expensive and not be worth the investment. This is not a problem when you choose to use a sign doll to promote your Business. Now you do not have to worry about employees or the costs that go along with hiring a sign spinner. A sign waving robot will save you money and headaches.

Employees Can Be a Hassle

Why would you want to hire a sign spinning employee when it is so much cheaper to use a mannequin instead. You can still get your advertising message across to customers, but you can avoid all of the hassles that come along with a real employee. Hiring an employee to manually spin a sign will cost you at least $8.00 an hour in salary alone, but a sign spinning mannequin is a one-time investment. This means that you get all the joys of having a sign spinner without the hassles of paying an employee hourly. Your business doesn’t need an extra employee to handle sign spinning duties.

You Have the Power

Now you have the power to put the advertising of your business into your hands, or better yet a mannequin picked out just by you. Sign dolls allow you to have marketing control and know that the advertising for your business is getting done the right way. Technology and innovation are at the core of the most innovative marketing ideas and this one is no different.

Choose A Sign Waving Mannequin as an Advertising Tool

When you have a business you are always looking for ways to cut costs and still allow for profitability. This means that whenever less employees are needed to do a job, you should jump at the chance. You might think that your city business needs a sign holder out front to attract customers. You would be right, but did you know that this advertising job does not require the services of an actual employee. An advertising mannequin will enable you to promote your business and cut down on the amount of employees that you need. It is a one-time investment in your city Business that will really pay off in the end. Bet you didn’t know a robot sign spinner is really the way to go?


Businesses in your city that are successful rely on innovation and technology to allow them to reach their full potential. Following the crowd is not always the way to go when it comes to advertising. You want to stand out and allow innovation and technology to allow for new marketing ideas. Sign dolls allow you to get the same effect of a sign spinner without the manual labor costs that go along with paying a full-time employee. Now you do not have to worry about hiring someone to hold a sign for you. All you have to do is purchase a motorized sign waving mannequin and see what you have been missing out on. It really couldn’t be any easier.

So Many Options

The great thing about sign dolls is that you have the complete control. Employees have minds of their own and might not always do the job exactly as they were trained. However, a sign doll enables you to have the power and the best part is that these sign waving robots are versatile. You can place them both outdoors and indoors to allow for the advertising approach that you are looking for. You have so many options to choose from and you are completely in control. Efficiency is at the core of what a sign doll offers and you really should look into this option for your business.

Little Cost and Huge Impact

The best part is that a sign doll is a small investment in your business that can have a far reaching impact. You do not have to worry about hiring a new employee and can take the innovative route for your advertising needs.

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