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The Future of Spinners by Sign Dolls

Mechanical Sign Spinner

Many businesses hire employees as sign twirlers to stand on the sidewalks and at intersections near their business, to attract the attention of potential clients and customers that pass by. This method of advertising expands explore, and reminds people of their presence. However, many business owners find frustration in the lack of consistency of their sign spinners—they sometimes arrive late, call in sick, don’t enjoy working in the elements, and have a high turnover rate. However, there is a simple solution to the human nature involved with this method of advertising—mechanical sign spinners, or Sign Dolls.

Mechanical sign spinners are not only designed to operate in varying climates and temperatures, they can be outdoors more hours a day than your employed sign spinners. Another advantage of mechanical sign spinners is that they eliminate multiple thousands of dollars per year from a business labor line. Unlike an employee that needs to be paid an hourly wage, your mechanical sign spinner is a one-time investment—that will grab the attention of those passing by, with the consistency you require.

Whether you are looking for new ways to advertise your business, or looking for a way to achieve the benefits of sign spinning without the daily cost, or inconsistency of human nature—mechanical sign spinners are the ideal choice. Sign Dolls are an ideal choice for restaurants, furniture stores, carwashes, pawn shops, cell phone stores, discount retailers, and many other business!

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