Sign Spinner

The Future of Spinners by Sign Dolls


Does it come with a warranty?
Yes, the Sign Doll and all of its parts including the battery have a 1 yr warranty !

How long does the battery last?
The battery can last up to 15 hours, but we guarantee 10 hours per charge.

Do the prices include a sign?
Yes, the first sign is included in the price.

How long will it take to put together and what tools are necessary for the process?
The Sign Doll comes with very little assembly required, and can take about 15 minutes to put together! We include step by step instructions and we even have a a great informational video demonstrating each step. There are only two tools you need, a screwdriver and a wrench. To move the Sign Doll we recommend using a dolly so that you don’t need to dismantle the mannequin every time.

Can the mannequin be used outdoors and indoors?
You can use the mannequin indoors and outdoors! You can use your Sign Doll both outdoors and indoors. We also offer a special abstract Sign Doll without heads for more high end indoor displays. Contact us for more information on these abstract Sign Doll.

Can I have my own sign made for the Sign Doll?
Yes just be sure to use our instructions on how to make and install your own sign.  If you do decide to make your own sing it will need to be made of coroplast

How much is Shipping and Handling?
$67 to anywhere within the continental US.

What kind of mannequin/base/wig/etc will I be getting?
There are two options for the wig: blonde or Brunette. We also provide basic clothing for a limited time (please confirm with us when you order). You can always dress the mannequin with clothing you already own. Our clients have dressed the Sign Doll in all types of different clothing from casual to formal. Clients have even dress them up in costumes such as Wonderwoman, Nurse outfits, Chicken Suits, and much more!  There are no restrictions! It’s completely up to you! Because of standard variations in production and supply, there might be slight variances in items, but we assure you though that the overall product remains the same and is effective!

Additional Questions?
We’re available Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM PDT. Call us at 888-988-9327. You can also click on the contact page above and send us a message.  We’ll be happy to get back to you within one business day (but usually sooner!).