Sign Spinner

The Future of Spinners by Sign Dolls


Orisphere, our parent company, was established in 2004 and is a California based company set on helping businesses succeed.

Orisphere’s latest invention, the Sign Doll, is a game changing tool to increase sales and increase foot traffic in your stores.

The Sign Doll was first drawn out by Tony Salomon, the lead product designer at Orisphere. The Sign Doll has proven time after time to generate more traffic, more attention, and more revenue for businesses. This new invention is a true “set it and forget it” advertising tool. The Sign Doll will pay for itself very quickly. It will be available to you to place it out whenever you want. It will also remain working for you for a long time. Buying a mechanical sign spinner will save you from paying a monthly Salary, Tax, Insurance, and Benefits. Why pay thousands every month when you can purchase the sign waving mannequin today for one low price.