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Don’t Waste Thousands of Dollars Hiring A Sign Spinner

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Avoid Extra Employee Costs – Buy the Sign Doll While Getting All The Benefits of A Human Sign Spinner


If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to increase sales while saving money, then look no further – The Sign Doll is your answer. This sign waving mannequin will capture attention away from all the other businesses in your town. Your advertisement will always be visible, will drive up sales, and is much more cost-effective than a normal sign twirler.



Sign Dolls Allow You To Hire A Full Time sign spinner – Without The Extra Hassle. Here’s A Small List of Benefits When You Order A Sign Doll:

  • A 24/7 Robotic Employee The Captures Attention NONSTOP!
  • Never experience employee problems: The mannequin is never late and never complains!
  • Change your sign whenever and to whatever you want (it’s easy)
  • The Sign Doll allows for owners to have 100% control
  • No insurance or liability costs
  • No Breaks
  • No Vacation times. Ever.
  • Never deal with lazy, incompetent sign spinners
  • No workers compensation
  • Never pay thousands of dollars a month for a full time sign spinner

Seize The Opportunity and Expand Your Business Now

The dancing mannequin increases traffic to your business while simultaneously increasing revenues. The Sign Doll comes with all arrow sign advantages and more. This new innovation of advertising has proven to be very effective for every business model imaginable.

Get your own Sign Doll today and have the most technologically advanced mannequin in the market. You will see the difference everyday.

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Sign Dolls Vs. Employee Sign Spinners

In today’s fast paced world, just putting an A-frame sign, or even an electronic sign on the street will not draw any attention to your business. If you need to bring in foot traffic, let your customers know where you are and what you do, and bring in more of them to buy your products, you need a new way of doing that which will set you apart from your competitors. There are two options that can bring in that amount of foot traffic. This article will look at sign dolls and employee sign spinners and tell you which one is best!

Employee Sign Spinners

First, let’s talk about the conventional employee sign spinners. The long and short of it is that they work, but at a high cost to you. They do bring in foot traffic and get a lot of attention. If they’re good. Some of them just stand there and you have the added fun of firing someone and having to find a new employee. Many of them get tired after a few hours, and you can’t blame them because frankly, that’s a terrible job to stand around waving a sign non-stop. Not only are you subjecting an employee to that meaningless job, you’re actually paying them to do it, and sometimes they’re not even doing it well! Plus, you have the added drawbacks of the danger of the standing near fast moving traffic, the heat that could become dangerous, and the fact that no one, not even the best sign spinners, can keep it up all day, every day. They will need breaks, they’ll need days off. They are human! You can pay someone every week and hope they do a good job for at least most of the time, but there is another way!

Sign Dolls

These are the newer, smarter way to advertise your business and bring in foot traffic. Instead of hiring an employee who may or may not be able to do a good job of sign spinning, you have a secret weapon. Sign dolls don’t need breaks and they don’t need days off! They will spin your sign with the same level of enthusiasm for hours on end! They have none of the same drawbacks that come with paying an employee to stand around holding a sign. And best of all, the work just as well as sign spinners. Actually, sign dolls are perhaps even better, because they are unique. People are so used to seeing human sign spinners on the side of the road, but a lot of people have never heard of or seen any sign dolls anywhere! So bring the customers into your business in a way that will keep the talking, save you time and use your investment wisely.

How to Get Noticed Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you call it a sign waver, robotic sign spinner, sign waving robot, sign twirler, robotic waver, mechanical sign waver, or a sign-waving mannequin, it should all boil down to one thing: Does it get you noticed?

Our Sign Dolls will not only get you noticed by potential customers driving or walking by, but do so in an highly efficient, engaging, and wallet friendly way.

Human sign spinning employees may start with the vigor you would expect to be paying for, but the truth is that their energy level will only go down from there as the day wears on. Not everyone has the endurance to hold up a large sign for hours on end without getting tired. Why throw away your hard-earned dollars at an employee who will give anything less than 110% at all times? You never know when a future customer may notice you the first time, so you always want to make a good impression.

Whether your sign waving needs involve a costume or not, the bottom line is that you want the final product to be the best representative of your business. Our Sign Dolls all come with the same alluring face and will look great in any outfit you line up for them. Can you say the same of your current human sign spinner?

What does it cost for a pretty girl to promote your business for 10 hours a day waving your sign with the same level of enthusiasm as she had when you opened? The one time price of a Sign Doll!

Clients from all over the country have praised their Sign Doll as a game-changer for their business by dramatically boosting their foot-traffic and making them the most popular business on the block. Some have even become local celebrities with names!

Not only will your Sign Doll be the best employee you ever had, but it will also be the best decision you ever made for your wallet.